Americans in Germany

A Slack for bringing Americans together in Rhein-Main and beyond.

Welcome Americans and Friends Thereof!

Go to to network and socialize with Americans in your area.

We are currently a “klein aber fein” collection of folks, but we’re growing by the day! We are organized on Slack and Meetup, and our core user base is currently Rhein-Main (Frankfurt and surroundings).

Meet new friends and create group chats about topics you’re interested in, or for your own local area!

Share this site with your friends, organize events. The possibilities are endless :)

If you need to get your bearings in Slack, try this how-to!

Here is a quick summary of how this Slack works:

Community Rules:

  1. Use your common sense.
  2. No Trump fans (see rule number 1).

See you in Slack!


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